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John Powell Instructor

John has been in the electrical industry for over 40 years working jobs from residential, commercial, industrial, controls, renewable, design, estimating, troubleshooting and repair.  He is best known for his stint as the Chief Electrical Inspector for the State of Oregon, his knowledge of the electrical code and his ability to teach others.  His practical approach and common sense to inspections has made him one of the key electrical experts in the industry and he is constantly sought out for training and code expertise.

John's Certifications:


General Supervising Electrician  ♦   3767S

Oregon Inspector Certification   ♦   OIC28

Electrical Inspector  ♦  5307EI

Residential Electrical Inspector  ♦  1508CAE

Building Official  ♦  5396BO

Manufactured Structure Installation Inspector  ♦  818MHI

Plumbing Inspector  ♦  5588PI

Residential Plumbing Inspector  ♦  1911CAP

Specialized Systems Inspector  ♦  SFI4005

Specialized Plumbing Inspector  ♦  SPI2029

Specialized Solar-PV Inspector  ♦  SSI5011

John Powell Wind Turbine
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