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Regarding the Oregon Supervising Electrician Exam

Greetings,  Just wanted to pass along some important information concerning the adoption of the 2023 NEC/OESC and how it impacts the Supervising Electrician exam.

The State is currently accepting code change proposals to the OESC with a scheduled adoption date of 10/01/2023.

Generally, the exam changes to the newly adopted code 3-6 months after the adoption date.  Based upon this information, the expectations are that the Supervising Electrician exam could be  based on the 2023 NEC/OESC as early as January 2024.  

During the 2020 code cycle, it took the State almost 2 years to start basing the exam on the 2020 NEC/OESC. The possibility exists that the same situation may happen here.  After October 1st, 2023, it's best to check with the State to verify which edition of the code is going to be used for exams taken after October 1st, 2023.

Regarding Other Classes

The April 2023 Supervising Electrician Prep course will be the only open class that I will be teaching in 2023, and will be based on the 2020 NEC/OESC.

John Powell Instructor



"My goal as an instructor is very simple.  I want to provide the best most useful information to those students who want to be the best at whatever they choose to do in the electrical industry.  To supply the tools, knowledge and attitude to my students so that they can tackle the most challenging situations and projects and successfully complete their tasks in a fun and profitable way".

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